Please take a look at the screenshots below, to see how our product looks like.

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First of all we want to say: we have a 100% Perfect Sender Score, view the screenshot below:
sender score smtp server

Our systems have a 10/10 score at Mail Tester:

This is how it looks like when you view a list of newsletters:

Email marketing newsletters

Global newsletter statistics:

Global Email marketing newsletters statistics

This is your dashboard:

Email marketing newsletters dashboard

Your list of subscribers/contacts. Very easy to manage:

Subscribers email marketing

Your dashboard for uploading your subscribers/contacts:

Subscribers import email marketing

Free HTML templates or upload your own custom HTML template:

custom template email marketing

Add analytics to your emails, so you can easily track clicks:

Google Analytics email marketing

General settings (basic, delivery speed, advanced settings):

Google Analytics email marketing

Please send an email to info @ kingmailer.co if you’d like to see more screenshots.